Young Adult Ministries

Hillyer Memorial Christian Church (DOC) has a long history of creating space for its young people to grow in their faith. It takes a village to raise a child through adolescence; but it takes a diligent community to empower the emerging young adults to find their own way.

The evolution of our Young Adult Ministries has been organic in nature, changing as needs develop and growing with the people they nurture.

During this season, we have three group offerings:

Disciples Student Fellowship:

IMG_4336Disciples Student Fellowship (DSF) meets Tuesdays at 8:00pm at I Love New York Pizza (2316 Hillsborough St.). This group does not meet in the summer. Do not be deceived by the name – you do not have to be a student to join this group! However, this group is geared towards those who are in a post high school, pre-professional career life stage. A majority of the current group attends NC State and Wake Tech or are working. If you like free pizza, pondering different topics, no homework, and fellowship, this is the group calling your name. For more information, please contact Rev. Catherine Campbell.

Parents — if you have college students in the Raleigh area, we would love for them to be connected to the church through DSF. Please contact Rev. Catherine Campbell with their information.

Goodwill Gatherings:

11760204_1171898382836224_4309479679554459263_nGoodwill Gatherings (GWG) meets Sundays at 9:45am on the third floor of Hillyer the first three weeks of the month and then gathers outside of the church for it’s 4th Tuesday Outings.

This group is geared towards those transitioning out of college, who are job searching or working, or who are simply starting life out in the big, wide, world.

For more information, please contact Tom and Lee Willoughby-Harris.




11219598_1145675465458516_4941651565863355610_nFoundation Sunday School meets Sundays at 9:45am on the third floor of Hillyer.

This group is geared towards young parents who have an opportunity to drop little ones off in the nursery as well as married and single adults without children. This class is designed to bring together friends and families in similar life stages, eat a good breakfast, and discuss life while studying scripture. In addition to Sunday mornings, Foundation gathers for social events outside of church.

For more information contact Rev. Catherine Campbell, Luke Miles, or Walker Winchester,