Barton College Scholarship

The Hillyer Memorial Christian Church scholarship to Barton College is awarded to one student each year with the intent to attend Barton College. The recipient for 2008 was Chris Ruggero. The scholarship is for $1,000 and is awarded on the basis of the following criteria:
* Evidence of a desire to attend Barton College
* Evidence of strong personal characteristics
* Evidence of academic skills which would enable a high level of achievement at the college level.
* Evidence of those characteristics which would predict the candidate to contribute to and profit from college campus life, e.g., leadership, service, activities
* Results from interview if interviews are deemed necessary by the committee
* Need may be a factor when:
a. it is evident that the candidate is a person of strong academic potential and achievement has been hampered by financial deprivation, or
b. all other factors are similar between two or more candidates
Applications must be received by March 1 each year.